Alfresco support, consulting and installation.

Alfresco is a world-class, enterprise content management system that provides a core content repository that is access control to versions documents via Office applications, file shares and a web browser; with the ability to attach meta-data and work-flows to content. The meta-data is search-able via it SOLR backed search engine while its meta-data model and work-flows are easily extended.

Alfresco More Than Just an Enterprise Content Repository

Beside the core document repository functionality of Alfresco, which with it Share Point API compatibility can replace Microsoft Share Point; Alfresco provides the three ways to write custom front-end on top of the repository finctionality.

Bespoke applications from group collaboration applications to web sites with content served from the central repository can be built using:

  • APIs such as the industry standard CMIS API,
  • Spring Source's Surf framework,
  • By extending and customising Alfresco Share

Build Your ECM Solutions on a Platform that Inter-Operates

Alfresco is built using many components commonly used in the enterprise such as Actviti work-flow engine, Jack Rabbit, Apache's Java Content repository and Springs Dependency injection framework, meaning teams can leverage their existing knowledge when extending and customising solutions built on Alfresco. 

Alfresco Support Services

Jumping Bean provides the following support services for Alfresco:

  • Alfresco Installation & Configuration,
  • Alfresco Customisation/development,
  • Alfresco Training

Contact us for your Alfresco development and customisation requirements.