Alfresco Repository Extension Development

The Alfresco repository extension development course covers the essential knowledge areas a developer needs to begin developing add-ons and extensions for Alfresco server. The course provides attendees with the basic knowledge of the different approaches to extending Alfresco repository services. Alfresco makes use of a range of technologies and platforms in its solution and developers will be exposed to these components int his course.

Description Days Price (ex vat)
Alfresco Repo  Development Training 3 ZAR USD
R24,000 $2,400

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It is a requirement that participants be familiar with Java and JavaScript before attending this course. Experience with frameworks such as Spring will be an advantage.

The Alfresco Repo Extension Development course covers the following Topics :

  • Repository tier web scripts
    • The web script framework,
    • Root object available to repository tier web scripts, (JavaScript API),
    • Output response format with FreeMarker,
    • Authentication,
    • Form handling,
    • Java backed web scripts,
  • Alfresco Repository public API
  • Alfresco CMIS API,
  • Repository development tools
    • Maven SDK,
    • Packaging repository extensions,
    • Deploying Alfresco repository extensions