Application Architecture Consulting

Designing a robust, fault tolerant, highly-available application requires knowledge of software design principles as well asApplication architecture consulting operational and information system infrastructure know-how. The difference skills sets required of writing good code and creating an elegant and efficient application architecture is like the difference skills sets required in an Chief Operations Officer and a Chief Executive Officer. A great design needs needs good programmers to implement it and a good programmer can never make up for deficiencies in application design.

Designing Applications for Scalability and High Availability

To designs great applications the architect needs to be skilled in the frameworks, technology eco-system and have experience in building robust, scalable IT infrastructure. Jumping Bean leverages it knowledge in building high available Linux and BSD based infrastructure; together with our experience writing enterprise applications to design systems that are both easy to maintain and fault tolerant.

Development Infrastructure

Part of the services we offer for system architecture, is setting up and maintaining a development process built on continuous integration practices along with the required infrastructure and ensuring best development practices such unit testing are adopted by the development team.

We assist in the selection and setup of the build system, the most appropriate build tool chain, and IDE along with the necessary infrastructure required for a successful development process. This includes applications and support infrastructure such as version control, bug tracking, continuous integration and work task management systems.