Application Development - Software Delivery

Building bespoke solutions is a risky proposition for enterprises with a high percentage of projects failing to deliver much of the anticipated benefits. Jumping Bean can assist in reducing the risk associated with custom application development by taking full responsibility for the development team and process.

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Reduce the Risk of Bespoke Development

Our preferred approach is for a product or process owner from business to be assigned to the team as the client representative for the system being built. The development team, from team lead to senior and intermediate developers, is provided by Jumping Bean who takes responsibility for managing the development team, work assignments and deliverables.

Although we do provide business analysis services, a business analyst from the client is preferred to assist the product owner with collecting information and requirements and communicating them to the development team.

Domain Experts

The business analyst and product owner have the required domain knowledge to express the system business and functional requirements, whilst Jumping Bean provides the expertise to convert these requirements into a system architecture and system requirements for our development team. Jumping Bean prefers to take responsibility for staffing the development team. Should there be a requirement to include internal or external resources, this can be accommodated provided we are satisfied this will not hinder our ability to deliver a quality solution.

The need to transfer skills to in-house developers is often a project requirement and this is usually facilitated by including these resources on the development team. It should be noted that this will likely result in increase project costs but reduces the risk to the client of being unable to maintain the system on project completion. We also highly recommend our training courses which cover the tools and technologies we use in building our delivery

Platform Competencies

Jumping Bean has developed expertise in building applications with Java and PHP, using various platforms and components from each languages' rich eco-system. We prefer to architect solutions based on our judgment of the best components and frameworks that fit for our client's requirements. We can accommodate specific technology constraints should they exists but should these constraints vary to far from our core competencies and increase project risk we will be unable to assist. For an overview of our preferred frameworks and platforms please see our language skills and frameworks page.

Development Methodology

Jumping Bean has found from experience that the best development methodology, to ensure a stead delivery of business value, obtain product owner feedback and ensure effective communication, is to follow an agile approach to software development.

If required we do follow other development methodologies, should the client be willing to accept the responsibility for the decision to  follow an alternative approach.

Fixed Fee versus Time & Materials

software developer and application developerGiven the preference for an agile development approach, Jumping Bean bills on a time and materials basis. Should you require a fixed price for your custom application development a scoping exercise will first be conducted and charged for on a time and materials basis. This will provide a detailed enough specification to provide a fixed quote with price adjusted for the increased risk.

It should be noted that once a fixed price approach is adopted it is no longer possible to follow an agile development approach and the increased risk is accepted by the client.

Successful Bespoke Development

Successful custom development requires an acceptance that any methodology involves a trade off between the three constraints of the iron triangle:

  • Scope,
  • Cost and
  • Schedule

Only two of the three constraints can be fixed at any one time. A successful project implementation requires an acceptance of these constraints and an understanding of the trade-offs between them.