Asterisk is a PBX server that integrates telephone and voice trunks into a powerful centralised communications solution for your company. Its extensive capabilities include least cost routing, call recording, voice mail and call queues with automated call distribution for call centre setup.

Asterisk PBX - The Extensible PBX

Beside the full set of features provided by Asterisk it also allows for the integration of the PBX's functionality into application solutions by exposing an API  and hooks for custom extensions to the PBX. Asterisk can be extended with Java or PHP

Enterprises can easily integrate Asterisk into their business solutions, presenting opportunities to build unique customer touch point solutions, and to build a comprehensive record of customer interactions. Its ability to call custom cgi scripts from the dial plan allows for extensive management and reporting on systems and advanced call routing. 

Asterisk Feature List

Asterisk's feature-set includes:

  • Least cost routing,Call Centre Solutions
  • VOIP server with IVR, ACD etc,
  • Campaign management software for both outbound,inbound or blended campaigns,
  • Call scripting,
  • Voice recording of agent conversations,
  • Supervisor/QA call monitoring and call recall,
  • Detailed reports per agent and campaign,
  • Ongoing technical support subject to service level agreements,
  • Agent phones,
  • Agent desks,
  • Network points and switches,
  • Internet connection,
  • Internet firewall, and
  • EMail

Asterisk Support

Jumping Bean provides the following services for asterisk:

  • Asterisk installation & configuration,
  • Asterisk integration into application solutions,
  • Asterisk based call centres,
  • Asterisk business PBX solutions,
  • Asteriks Hardware
    • POTS interface cards,
    • Hard phones,
    • Gateways