Drupal Setcom Payment Gateway Component

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Drupal Setcom Payment Gateway

We developed the Setcom (www.setcom.com) plugin for Drupal's ecommerce component as none of the major payment gateways support ZAR. Setcom's setup allows for the shipping and client details to be maintained on setcom servers. All drupal needs to store is the returned shipping and billing address and whether the transfer has been successful or not.

We will continue to develop this module as we battle test it on this site. Please feel free to contribute any bug reports. You can send them to us from our contact page .

We have contributed this back to the ecommerce project so hopefully it will be included in future ecommerce releases. Then there will be no need to download this component. In the mean time you need to download the component and unzip it and place it in modules/ecommerce/contrib/setcom folder. You will then need to enable it in administer->modules and then configure it in administer->store->settings->setcom.