Java consulting & developmentJava is the pre-eminent language for enterprise software development and its dominance looks set to continue. The large, world-wide, base of java developers and its robust eco-system of small to large companies that provide services around the technology make it a low risk decisions for CIOs looking to build their company next solution.

Java for Scalable, Robust Internet Scale Applications

Even though clients may not be building the next Google, Amazon or Netflix, it is good to know that your solutions is built using a battle tested technology. Nearly all of the large internet scale services in use today are built on Java technology. The notable excpetion is Facebook which is built on PHP, Jumping Bean's other go-to language for software development.

Jumping Bean's Java Skills

Jumping Bean has extensive experience in build application using Java. This experience includes in-depth knowledge of best practices for Java build systems and development infrastructure as well as the skill in many of the top Java frameworks and spin off.

Being good at Java does not just means knowing the language syntax and office APIs, it requires an appreciation for the Java eco-system and knowing which tool or component from the array of candidates is most suitable for the job at hand. From which application server to sue to which framework to use for front-end delivery, there are many choices available and Jumping Bean is here to make sense of the choices and lower the risk to your Java project.

Advantages of Java

The many advantages to using Java include:

  • Vibrant and healthy eco-system of tool, middleware and framework providers,
  • Large pool of skilled resources,
  • Flexibility in choice for application design,
  • No vendor lock-in,
  • No single vendor can pose a danger to your investment with a decision to dicontinue support
  • Battle tested for sacalbility and security in the Internet age