JBoss, a division of Redhat, produces one of the leading Java applications servers used by enterprises across the globe. JBoss is a powerful JEE compliant application server .

JBoss Application Server

The services provided by JBoss include:

  • Hiberante - Java Persistence API (JPA),
  • Hornet Q -  Messaging,
  • Iron Jacamar -  JEE Connector Architecture,
  • Infinispan - a highly available key/value NoSQL datastore,
  • Majora - Java Server Faces  (JSF) implementation,
  • RestEasy - Framework for building RestFul applications

JBoss can be configured in a highly-available, cluster configuration for load balancing, fail over and scalability for those mission critical business applications 

JBOSS Complexity

JBoss application server can be difficult to setup and deploy applications too. Its myriad services that it provides to JEE application often require configuration changes in text files, sometimes in multiple files spread across several directories.  Securing a JBoss server can also be time consuming and complicated due to the many services points that are exposed and a badly configured service can lead to an increased security risk.

Jumping Bean JBoss Support Services

Juming Bean's JBoss support services include:

  • JBoss installation and configuration,
  • JBoss training,
  • Custom application development targeting JBoss application server