JBoss/Wildfly Training

JBoss EAP/Wildfly Training

JBoss Application Server (AS) is one of the most popular open source Java application server on the market. This course covers JBoss AS 6.4  or Wildfly7.2. By the end of the JBoss/Wildfly training course students will know how to:
  • deploy and manage JBoss in domain or standalone mode,
  • configure JBoss logging,
  • configure JBoss data sources, 
  • configure Message Queues,
  • configure implement application security,
  • deploy applications to JBoss and
  • cluster JBoss for load balancing and high-availability

Why JBoss/Wildfly Training?

JBoss is the only commercially supported open source Java Application Serve on the market today. This together with its great feature set and superb quality make it a desirable option for enterprises large or small.

The JBoss/Wildfly training course starts with installation, architecture, and basic configuration and monitoring, covers deployment and configuration of Web and Enterprise applications, and then moves on to configuration of the many other services that JBoss supports, such as the Web container, JDBC and JMS. It also includes coverage of the many details of securing JBoss AS, as well as advanced topics such as tuning and clustering.

The course will demystify the many, sometimes obscure, details of running and maintaining the JBoss, and leave you well prepared to manage any JBoss installations.

Role: System Administrator

Learning Style: Hands On

Skill Level:  Intermediate

Duration: 3 Days

JBoss Training Prices
Description Days Price (ex vat)
JBoss Application Server Training 3 ZAR USD
R 16,500 $ 1,400
  • Lunch, refreshments and training material included.
  • Class start at 9:00am for 9:30am
  • South Africa training locations: Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban
  • Global training locations: USA, Candana, UK, Dubai, Europe

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JBoss/Wildfly Training Outline

  • Introduction,
  • Application Server Installation & Management
  • Management Interfaces
  • User Management
  • Network & Port Configuration
  • Datasource management
  • Configuring Modules
  • Jsvc
  • Global Valves
  • Application Deployment
  • Subsystem Configuration
    • Logging
    • Inifispan Cache
    • JVM Configuration
    • Web Subsystem
    • Web Services Subsystem
    • HTTP Clustering & Load Balancing
    • Messaging Subsystem
    • Transaction Subsystem
    • Mail subsystem
    • EJB Subsystem
    • JCA Subsystem