Java EE 6 Training Course

Java Enterprise Edition 6 (JEE 6) Training

This JEE training course focuses on the Java Enterprise Edition of the Java Platform .The enterprise components taught in this course include

  • Enterprise JavaBeans (EJB) technology - session beans, message driven beans,
  • Java Persistence API (JPA),
  • Servlets,
  • JavaServer Pages (JSP) technology,
  • Java Messaging.

All our JEE courses are taught using either the JBoss or Glassfish JEE application server but the content is vendor neutral enabling students to  apply their new skills on any JEE complaint application server. Students will gain hands-on experience that build an end-to-end, distributed business application. The course exercises explore session EJB components, which implement the Session Façade pattern and provide a front-end to entity components using the Java Persistence API.

Students will also implement JMS consumers and code the front-end using JSP and Java Server Faces. In addition students will expose their service layers via SOAP and Restful front-ends as well as learn to deploy the application onto a compliant JEE application server.

JEE  Training Course Details
Java Enterprise Edition Training5R11,500


Oralce certification exams can be written at our Johannesburg Office

  • Oracle Certified Associate Java SE,
  • Oracle Certified Assocaiote Java Programmer,
  • Oracle Certified Expert - Enterprise Java Beans Developer,
  • Oracle Certified Expert - Java Persistence API Developer,
  • Oracle Certified Expert - Web Service Developer,
  • Oracle Certified Master - Enterprise Architect,
  • etc ...

JEE Course Outline

  • Enterprise application architecture,
  • Web technology overview,
  • Developing servlets,
  • Developing front-ends with JSP (Java Server Pages),
  • EJB (Enterprise Java Beans) overview
  • EJB 3.0 Session Beans,
  • Java Persistence API
  • Implementing a transaction policy,
  • Asynchronous Applications and Messaging with JMS
  • Message Driven Beans
  • Web Service Model and implementation (JAX-RS and JAX-WS)
  • Implementing security policy


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