Linux Support & Consulting

Linux support and consulting services

Linux provides a secure, stable, performance and customizable operating system on which to deploy applications. Linux servers, mostly running Apache, dominate the internet, running over 67% of the worlds web servers. Linux is also the operating system of choice for Internet companies such as Google and Facebook who use the opportunity to customize Linux to tweak the operating system to give their companies a competitive advantage and to provide services to billions of users around the world.

Enterprise Linux Support 

Jumping Bean provides enterprise Linux support for our customers and for our applications. Whether its Linux Virtualization,clustering or file server configuration, disk optimization and configuration strategies on SANs or NAS devices, advanced networking and troubleshooting such as firewalls and QoS; Jumping Bean has the skills and experience to assist. Jumping Bean is a Redhat and SuSe partner.

Linux Support For Ubuntu, SuSE & Redhat

Jumping Bean supports the Ubuntu, SuSE and Redhat LInux distributions with subscription services and commercial service level agreement backed, support contracts. We provide: