Mobile Application Development

The high penetration rates of smart phones and tablets makes mobile application development a necessity for enterprises today. There is an unparalleled opportunity to deliver services to a mass market and provide a convenient way for customers to interact with businesses and discover their products and services.

Mobile Applications A Strategic Necessity

The business that is the first to market in delivering services to clients via mobile devices can gain a competitive advantage over its rivals, whilst those entities which ignore the potential are in danger of loosing market share to more nimble competitors.

Mobile Development with Android & HTML 5

Jumping Bean has expertise in developing native applications for smart phones and tablets running Android and provides cross-platform solutions using HTML 5, CSS3 and Javascirpt using platforms such as Phone Gap to integrate the application into the smart phone's or tablet's operating system

Native or Non-Native Mobile Application Development

To develop a native application can be an expensive exercise which requires the development of several applications to support the major mobile platforms in use today. Alternatively enterprises can develop a single, non-native application, that can be deployed across multiple devices.

The choice on which approach to take is a business decisions and the correct answer to the questions will depend on each companies target market demographics and requirements. Typically it may be decided to write native applications for certain mobile platforms and a non-native application to target the remaining platforms.

Android Mobile Platform of Choice

Jumping Bean's mobile platform of choice is Android due to its high penetration in the African market, compared to other smart phone platforms, with its ability to allow manufacturers to create low cost smart phone for the mass market. The plethora of cost-effective devices also make it ideal for the development of business applications that will necessitate the provisioning of devices to employees or allow employees to use their own devices.

HTML5 & CSS3 Mobile Applications

To target other mobile platforms Jumping Bean develops and deploys HLML5 applications using frameworks such as Phone Gap to provide the integration into the mobile operating systems services and sensors in a cross platform manner.