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PHP Application Development

Jumping Bean has an experienced team of PHP developers. Many of our projects make use of our Java expertise and PHP skills to deliver an integrated solution for our client's business requirements. PHP allows for rapid development and deployment of solutions, often built using Java based services exposed via a restful API or completely standalone applications.

With open source projects such as Drupal and the language advances in PHP since 5.3 , PHP is gaining acceptance in the enterprise; especially with references such as Facebook and Yahoo.The healthy community of PHP based applications means there is always an open source project available which a development team can leverage to deliver software for client requirements.

As PHP pushes into the enterprise frameworks which implement object orientated principles and best practice design patterns such as Symfony and dependency management and build tools such as Composer, are emerging to provide the tooling and code quality support one would expect on a enterprise project

PHP Development Services

Jumping Bean can:

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Why PHP?

PHP is an open source server side Web development language. PHP is among the most widely deployed and used pieces of software on the Internet surpassing all other web languages in popularity. According to Netcraft PHP is used in over 15 million websites today making it the most popular Web development language.

PHP advantages

  • Easy to learn and quick with short implementation cycles:PHP is an easy language to learn and use. The language syntax is very readable which makes understanding the logic of code easy. Since the language is interpreted maintaining and modify the code is quick reducing testing, debugging and deployment time. This allows for user feedback to be quickly incorporated into the application. All of this leads to improved developer productivity and better resulting applications.
  • PHP is scalable, robust and secure:PHP can build robust application that scale up to large number of users. It is stable and secure, robust enough for business critical applications requiring 24 by 7 availability.
  • Interoperability is key to PHP and can be used to integrate heterogeneous applications:PHP is fully inter-operable with other languages such as:C/C++,Java, and Perl
  • PHP is supported by a strong community with a wide range of libraries available: PHP is the most widely deployed and used Web development language on the Internet. The language has a vibrant community of users continuing to support and improve the language. The availability of many libraries enables the development of complex applications in a short space of time and at an affordable cost.
  • PHP is easy to use for Web development: Because PHP has been designed from the outset for the Web environment. That means that PHP has many built-in functions that make Web programming simpler, so that programmers can focus on the logic of programming without wasting precious development time.