Shared Storage/Storage Clusters

Shared storage is becoming an increasingly important consideration for IT managers as the explosion of data, and growing legal requirements to backup, archive and secure corporate data, threatens to become an unmanageable risk. Many vendors are punting expensive, proprietary solutions to the storage problem, but the truth is Linux technologies available today enable IT departments to build scalable, robust and flexible storage solutions using commodity hardware.

Affordable NAS Storage or SAN Storage

Using commodity hardware and Linux server a cost-effective SAN or NAS storage solution can be built to meet the needs of:

  • mass storage for email and document archiving,
  • centralised storage for virtualization and private cloud services,
  • Consolidation of storage across your server room into a single, managed storage solution.

NAS and SAN Storage Solutions

Jumping Bean offers storage solutions for

  • NAS - Network Attached Storage - CIFS/NFS,
  • SAN - Storage Area Networks  - CIFS/NFS/ISCSI,
  • Storage Clusters,

Our solutions are implemented using Fibre Channel, Gigabit Ethernet or Fast Ethernet and can be combined with out load-balancing, high availability clusters.  

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