Vtiger Admin Training

VTiger Admin Training

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VTiger is the leading open-source customer relationship management system (CRM) that helps corporate's manage and streamline their sales pipelines and processes. Track and nurture customers across marketing, sales, and customer service with VTiger

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VTiger Admin Traning



R 12,500 $ 1,000
  • Lunch, refreshments and training material included.
  • Class start at 9:00am for 9:30am
  • South Africa training locations: Johannesburg, Cape Town, Durban
  • Global training locations: USA, Candana, UK, Dubai, Europe

Getting Started with Vtiger

  • Vtiger navigation
  • Personalization of home page
  • Languages and user preferences
  • How is data organized in Vtiger?
  • Data sharing and visibility
  • Viewing alerts using Notification center and Desktop notifications

Internal Collaboration

  • Record contextual collaboration with Comments and @mentions
  • Internal chat tool for instant collaboration with internal team
  • Use Vtiger documents to share content internally

External Collaboration – Emails, Calls, Documents

  • Using sales inbox for collaborative task based emails
  • Using Gmail plugin to link Emails with Vtiger CRM records without leaving Gmail
  • Share documents with Contacts

Quote Management

  • Create Quote from Opportunity
  • Send Quotes with ready-to-use templates
  • Inventory management using Products
  • Manage Sales Orders and Invoices


  • Creating detailed report, chart report and pivot report
  • Track your sales targets and actuals with Sales insights
  • Check your activity log and efficiency for ongoing deals
  • Get monthly, quarterly pipeline health status digest emails
  • Use Sales Insights to check your team’s current pipeline, projections, activity and deal status

Customizing Vtiger for your Sales Team

  • Set up Sales hierarchy
  • Set up financial year, Forecast and Quota time periods.
  • Set up Sales Stages and map to Forecast categories
  • Assign quotas to your team, adjust forecasts for your team.
  • Create Appointment pages for customer meetings
  • Customize Email templates for your sales team to send standard replies
  • Customize Print templates to reflect in the quotes sent by your sales team.

Automating Sales Process

  • Workflows to automate repetitive tasks
  • Round Robin assignment rules for Leads and Opportunities
  • Thresholds for Idle alerts
  • Set up automation rules for Inbox
  • Advanced reporting and scheduling

Case Management

  • Working with cases – creation to closure
  • Multi-channel engagement
  • Using list views and summary views
  • Using templates
  • Using knowledge base
  • Alerts and escalations

Customizing Vtiger for your Support Team

  • Define Roles and Profiles
  • Organize your support team
  • Configure business hours
  • Set up SLAs
  • Response and resolution times
  • Alerts and escalations
  • Define list views based (based on escalation status, due time, priority, ..)
  • Define templates for alerts, escalations, acknowledgements
  • Create knowledge base
  • Customize layouts for summary views

Define Your Support Process

  • Define case lifecycle from creation to closure
  • Define triggers and transitions

Automating Support Process

  • Workflows to automate repetitive tasks
  • Including case creation and routing to groups
  • Round Robin assignment rules for Cases
  • Thresholds for Idle alerts
  • Notifications and alerts for cases not assigned or accepted on time
  • Case closure from Wait and Resolved states
  • SLA clock behavior for custom states
  • State transitions from Wait states on customer reply

Support Insights and aAd-hoc Reports

  • Understanding real time widgets
  • Understanding historic charts
  • Generating ad-hoc reports