PHP Web Application Development with Mysql/Maria DB

PHP and MySql are the killer combination for rapid web application development. PHP and MySql are two  of the most widely used open source technologies that power millions of web sites allowing businesses to leverage the Internet to create lasting value and competitive advantage. In this course you will learn how to build a web site from scratch  It covers all you need to know to start developing your own solutions or to customise many of the open source application already available like Drupal, Wordpress or Joomla.

The course contetn covers the basics of databases design, SQL query langfuage, and how to access a database from a web applicaiton using PHP. On completion of the course students will be able to create and maintain data-driven web applications powered by PHP.


PHP & MySQL Web Application Development
Description Days Price (ex vat)
Web Application Development with PHP/MySql Maria DB* 3 ZAR USD
R8,500 $850
  • Lunch, refreshments and training material included.
  • Class start at 9:00am for 9:30am


Contact us for PHP &  MySql web applicaiton development training dates and to book your course! Tel: 011 781 8014.

Course Outline

  • PHP Basics
    • How to install PHP/Apache
    • PHP language
      • Basic syntax,
      • control and loops,
      • types,
      • functions,
  • MySQL/Maria DB installation
  • Introduction to SQL syntax,
    • Selecting, updating and deleting SQL data,
  • PHP Web application overview
    • HTML/CSS,
    • Dynamic Web pages with PHP,
  • Connecting PHP & MySql
    • Database connections strings,
    • Retrieving result sets from MySql,
  • Build a web application
    • Error handling,
    • Advanced PHP
      • Regular expressions,
      • Date & time stamps,
      • Arrays
    • Testing & debugging,
    • Image handling & manipulation,
    • Display and update database tables,
    • Storing binary data in a MySQL database,
    • Authentication & authorisation,
    • User session management and cookies,
    • Application security,