Web Proxy

Web proxies help optimise available bandwidth by caching frequently requested data, whilst at the same time providing security and protecting the internet connection from abuse by providing auditing and logging facilities.

The ability to control and track usage of a company's internet connection is not only important for managing bandwidth costs but also ensuring employee productivity and protecting the company from risk of network security comprise by attacks launched for web sites visited by staff.

Web Proxy with Content Filtering

Jumping Bean's web proxy solution, based on Squid, allows for the creation of user groups with different access privileges and can be configured to force users to login to utilise the web browser after accepting the company's acceptable use policy. Access can be denied or granted based on time of day, web site url amongst other rules.

A corporate black and white list of allowed or banned sites, per user group, can be maintained and the user access control feature  can be combined with the solutions powerful content filtering feature to block sites that may violate corporate usage policy.

Web Usage Monitoring & Reporting

In order to properly manage internet usage adequate reporting is required. Jumping Beans Web Proxy solution provides management with reports on the most visited sites and a report per user of sites visited and amount of bandwidth used.

Jumping Bean Web Proxy Support

Jumping Bean provide the following support:

  • Squid configuration and installation,
  • Squid maintenance and troubleshooting,
  • SLA based support contract for web proxy and content filtering solution