Yocto Project Training (Linux Foundation Course)

The Yocto Project is a Linux Foundation course targeted at experienced developers, BSP engineers, Application Engineers, programmers and engineers who are interested in learning the fundamentals of a build system for embedded Linux, especially those who have been assigned to a team tasked with designing such a system.


The attendees should have Linux development experience and recommended to have experience with cross development, good understanding of the different stages of compiling, linking etc, experience with C, experience with Python.

Contact us to book your seat. Training may be done on-site or at our training venues in Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Course Duration Price ZAR(ex vat) Price USD
Yocto Project Training 4 days R25,000 $1,920

Course Outline

Security is always a concern in this course, you'll obtain a solid understanding of embedded Linux development using the Yocto Project. In addition to learning the basics of embedded Linux development, you'll also learn how to take advantage of the time and effort-saving benefits offered by the Yocto project as you develop on embedded Linux.



  • The Yocto Project and OpenEmbedded
  • Pocky and bitbake
  • Setting up the Build System and Building an x86 Emulation Image
  • Troubleshooting Build Failures
  • Setting Up a Target Development Board
  • Booting the Target Development Board
  • Board Support Packages
  • Customizing Images
  • Toaster
  • Adding Packages
  • Layers
  • Kennel Recipes
  • Development Tools
  • Application Development Toolkit
  • Licensing and Compliance
  • Appendices