About Us
20+ Years of Open Source

Jumping Bean is an information technology solutions and training company, based in South Africa, that has been delivering solutions to customers for over 20 years. The business was founded in 2001 to leverage the massive potential of the then, still emerging, open-source software phenomenon.

What drives us?

Our appreciation of the, almost limitless, possibilities enabled by the widespread availability of quality, world-class beating, software, and our passion for technology and learning has allowed us to deliver value-adding services and solutions to our customers whilst doing what we love the most.

Services Offered

Our services cover a range of business offerings, from software development, training, and support to architecture reviews and DevSecOps. The common thread throughout them all is the pervasiveness of Linux and open source projects that form the bedrock of the modern information technology ecosystem. From cloud service to big data and cybersecurity, there you will find core open-source projects and utilities that we have mastered over 2 decades of existence.

How we operate

We develop long-term relationships with our customers to help them grow their business and become trusted advisors for their information technology strategy. In a fast-changing world, seizing the opportunity to leverage technology to improve process efficiency and enhance customer experience is key to success.