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Big data is the new oil as the rise of the Internet giants has demonstrated, but it's not only Internet giants that can leverage data to achieve phenomenal returns and exponential growth.

Big Data for everyone

With the availability of cloud computing and the ease of use of big data solutions such as the open-source Hive, and Pig projects as well as proprietary cloud solutions such as Google's Big Query. every organisation, no matter its size, can leverage Big Data.

Mine Your Data

Nearly every organisation has "natural resources" lying undiscovered, under-utilized, and, sometimes wasting away, in its environment. Move beyond operational analysis and process efficiency and inventory management to get a clearer picture of your organisation's current and future context.

Data analysis can help you target your customers more effectively but more importantly, it will allow you to better predict what the future might hold, what latent trends are sitting in your data, and provide services to your customers.

Data Engineering

Let our team of data engineering experts architect your data pipeline. Whether it's on-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid we can assist with establishing and maintaining, or just improving, your data pipeline for cost-effectiveness, timeliness, and accuracy.

Whether it's batch or streaming data utilising Hadoop, Spark, Kafka or Elastic Search, or a cloud-provider solution, from AWS to GCP, we can design, automate and implement the solution that suits you and your data.

Data Analysis

Our data analysts can assist with the definition and analysis of your data. From defining the problem type to developing, training and testing models our machine learning engineers and business experts can add value to your big data processes.

With machine learning,  artificial intelligence, and data visualization tools now available, it is easy for business analysts and managers to gain deep insights into their data that were previously difficult to achieve.

Leverage our team of experts to get the results you are looking for quicker and cost-effectively.

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