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Jumping Bean provides support for components and pieces used in building solutions.


MySQL is the most widely used database server on the internet and a favourite for building internal application in the enterprise. MySQL can easily scale with data growth and increasing usage making it an ideal platform for buildingMySQL Support applications.

Web Proxy

Web proxies help optimise available bandwidth by caching frequently requested data, whilst at the same time providing security and protecting the internet connection from abuse by providing auditing and logging facilities.

The ability to control and track usage of a company's internet connection is not only important for managing bandwidth costs but also ensuring employee productivity and protecting the company from risk of network security comprise by attacks launched for web sites visited by staff.


mail server solutionsPostifx is a battle tested mail transfer agent (MTA) server that powers up to 25% of the internet's mail servers. Combined with other projects such as Cyrus IMAP or Dovecot and SOGo, Postfix can provide a complete mail server solution along with shared address book and shared calendaring.


Samba has provided Windows file server and print services for years as well as the ability to act as a domain controller in older Windows domains. Now Samba 4 allows a Linux server to participate in a Windows Active Directory domain, either as a member server or as a domain controller.


Asterisk is a PBX server that integrates telephone and voice trunks into a powerful centralised communications solution for your company. Its extensive capabilities include least cost routing, call recording, voice mail and call queues with automated call distribution for call centre setup.

Apache HTTP Web Server

Apache HTTP server powers over 67% of the internet. It is the go-to web server for the majority of hosting companies and the default web server targeted by applications developers. The power of Apache HTTP server comes from its secure design, its stability and ability to handle load gracefully and the large eco-system of supporting modules.


Tomcat is an JSP and servlet container that is widely used for hosting Java web applications built using Java servlets and/or JSPs. As a light weight alternative to "heavy" application servers such as JBoss it is often used as the deployment target for Java applications that have used alternative technology stacks to build nimble, less resource intensive applications


JBoss, a division of Redhat, produces one of the leading Java applications servers used by enterprises across the globe. JBoss is a powerful JEE compliant application server .

JBoss Application Server

The services provided by JBoss include:


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