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Python Development Services

Python is the general-purpose, high-level programming language of choice for power business users, data scientists and domain specialists who need to build data pipelines as well as DevOps engineers who need to integrate APIs and build automated CI/CD pipelines. At Jumping Bean we use Python to automate our customer's business processes and deliver insights into our customer's data via artificial intelligence and  machine learning

Python Based Data Pipeline & Process Automation

Our team of data science specialists have years of experience in building maintainable, secure and efficient processes for data cleansing, transformation and analysis. Whether it's on-premise or leveraging the on-demand processing power of cloud providers like AWS and GCP, our team can assist you to automate and improve your business processes.

Python Based DevOps Pipelines & Process Automation

Adopting a DevOps approach to application building, testing and deployment deliver productivity and quality gains that no business can ignore. Our team of DevOps engineers has been automating business processes for over 10 years. Leveraging Python to integrate tools and solutions into a seamless pipeline that delivers robust, secure and timely applications to meet the ever-changing needs of the business.

Machine Learning with PyTorch and SciKit

We utilise PyTorch and SciKit to create machine learning models for our customers to provide them with insights and automate their processes. From vision, text and speech analysis we build models that enable our customers to deliver higher quality and more personalised services at lower costs.

Our current, standard set of tools and stack for our Python software development teams comprises:

Common Tools

  • Source Control
    • Git
  • CI/CD
    • Jenkins
    • Gitlab
    • GitHub
    • AWS
    • GCP
  • Automated Testing
    • Selenium
    • Robot
  • Security Testing
    • DAST
      • OWASP ZAP
  • Javascript
    • Node JS
    • Yo/Gulp/Yarn
  • Ticketing
    • Jira
    • GitHub


  • Build Tools
    • Pip
    • Virtualenv
    • Pipenv
  • Testing Frameworks
    • PyTest
  • Security Testing
    • PySa
  • Frameworks
    • SciKit
    • PyTorch
    • Jupiter
    • Flask
    • Django

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