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A trend cutting across software development, cybersecurity, big data, and cloud solutions engineering is the DevOps movement. Automation of the software delivery and operations functions is essential to making any of the above approaches a success. We assist our customers with their DevOps implementations and challenges.

With buzzwords like configuration-as-code, continuous integration and continuous delivery DevOps is the movement that has the most impact on people with operational and development processes and procedures being replaced by a more flexible approach.

The siloed and often adversarial nature of the separation of duties between operations and development, put in place for stability and risk management, has been replaced with processes that merge the roles into a single role.

Re-engineer your development and operations process

We provide advisory services to organisations, large and small to help them understand their DevOps. We assist them with aligning their Development and Operations teams to achieve better efficiency to ultimately achieve faster time to market.

We help our customers understand their current capabilities and skillset and based on this context we identify and recommend a DevOps toolchain that will help you align your Development and Operations team.

Should you require assistance with implementation our DevOps engineers can assist with the implementation of DevOps of a DevOps pipeline that leverages best practices and helps automate and measure the efficiency of your It function.


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