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Cloud technologies permeate almost every solution that we offer. Whether it's a proprietary cloud technology that runs on a service provider's infrastructure or on-premises, the emergence of cloud technology has impacted application architecture affecting any solution involving software. We provide cloud consulting services.

With software-defined everything from networks to storage and containers, any future-proof solutions need to ensure its architecture follows a micro-service approach.

Which Cloud Service Provider is best?

The question of which cloud service provider to select is moot with many organisations adopting a multi-cloud or hybrid cloud approach. Besides addressing the risk of a single-vendor solution, cloud providers are not all the same with varying pricing and solutions. Organisations tend to pick and choose the solutions from the cloud providers that best suits their requirements, budget, and existing skill set.

Which provider is best for your compute requirements? Which one is best for Big Data? The answer will vary from company to company depending on your context.

What do we do?

We work with our customers to select the best cloud providers for their particular requirements. Utilising our expert knowledge of the provider's solution we then assist with designing the organisational structure and permission boundaries, authentication integration and virtual private cloud networking and management structure to provide a robust architecture for your cloud computing needs.

We also provide expertise in the setup, configuration, and integration of continuous integration/continuous delivery pipelines to optimise the software delivery and development process with DevOps.

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