Jumping Bean

What do we do?

We help our clients embrace best practices in software development application infrastructure design, application architecture & cybersecurity.  We also assist with transforming teams and building more effective people, process & technological solutions.

Why do customers engage us?

Our customers engage us to help them adapt to the phenomenal changes that have occurred & continues to occur in IT, from the changes in IT infrastructure with the advent of cloud computing to the re-engineering of the software development life cycle and operational process with DevOps & new approaches to application architecture with micro-services. The litany of new methodologies tools and concepts can be difficult to stay on top of.

Our customers leverage us to implement, advise & manage these new approaches in IT to reduce risk and realise benefits in a timely manner.

How do we do it?

To support our clients in unlocking the potential in their IT teams & adopt best practices, Jumping Bean offers the following services:

We Build

  • Application development
    • Software development,
    • Internal development team augmentation, transformation, & upskilling of development teams
  • DevOps engineering,
    • DevOps implementation,
    • DevOps pipeline development,
    • DevOps team building & upskilling
  • Big Data
    • Big Data engineering,
    • Big Data analysis,
  • Cloud Infrastructure
    • Workload migration,
    • Re-engineering systems to a cloud-native architecture
  • Cyber Security
    • Cybersecurity process implementation,
    • Virtual CISO services,
    • SoC managed service

We Support

We Train (Price List)

We Build - Software Devlopment

We Build - Software Development

In today's polyglot world, with new languages, libraries and frameworks constantly emerging and evolving Jumping Bean stays on the edge of developments but not the absolute bleeding edge.

Our approach to implementation language and libraries is pragmatic, balancing the benefits of the new with the requirements for a sustainable and responsible approach to implementation choices. We predominantly focuse on open source heavy software development stacks.

Future-proof Solutions

We work with our customers to accommodate their technological constraints whilst building future-proof solutions that enable flexibility going forward. Today that means utilizing a micro-service approach to leverage the multiple trends influencing application design. From agile project management to cloud computing,  containers, and DevOps, applications need to be developed to accommodate and leverage these changes.

Team Composition & Management

We are happy to take full ownership of a software development project and staff the team as required, or play a leadership role on our customer's team, providing project and architecture guidance and ensuring a successful project.

Our approach is to lead the development team and fulfill the architect's role on our customer's projects. We take responsibility for managing the development team, work assignments, and deliverables using an Agile methodology. We may also provide development and engineering resources on these teams to supplement our customers' resources.

The need to transfer skills to in-house developers is often a project requirement and this is usually facilitated by including these resources on the development team.

Project Pricing

Our software development projects are charged on a time-and-materials basis.  We do provide service level agreements for those customers looking for additional on-going support to supplement their in-house DevOps teams.

We Build - DevOps Pipelines

We Build - DevOps Pipelines

A trend cutting across software development, cybersecurity, big data, and cloud solutions engineering is the DevOps movement. Automation of the software delivery and operations functions is essential to making any of the above approaches a success. We assist our customers with their DevOps implementations and challenges.

With buzzwords like configuration-as-code, continuous integration and continuous delivery DevOps is the movement that has the most impact on people with operational and development processes and procedures being replaced by a more flexible approach.

The siloed and often adversarial nature of the separation of duties between operations and development, put in place for stability and risk management, has been replaced with a processes that merges the roles into a single role.

Re-engineer your development and operations process

We provide advisory services to organisations, large and small to help them understand their DevOps. We assist them with aligning their Development and Operations teams to achieve better efficiency to ultimately achieve faster time to market.

We help our customers understand their current capabilities and skillset and based on this context we identify and recommend a DevOps toolchain that will help you align your Development and Operations team.

Should you require assistance with implementation our DevOps engineers can assist with the implementation of DevOps of a DevOps pipeline that leverages best practices and helps automate and measure the efficiency of your It function.


We Build - Cloud Solutions

We Build - Cloud Solutions

Cloud technologies permeate almost every solution that we offer. Whether it's a proprietary cloud technology that runs on a service provider's infrastructure or on-premises, the emergence of cloud technology has impacted application architecture affecting any solution involving software. We provide cloud consulting services.

With software-defined everything from networks to storage and containers, any future-proof solutions need to ensure its architecture follows a micro-service approach.

Which Cloud Service Provider is best?

The question of which cloud service provider to select is moot with many organisations adopting a multi-cloud or hybrid cloud approach. Besides addressing the risk of a single-vendor solution, cloud providers are not all the same with varying pricing and solutions. Organisations tend to pick and choose the solutions from the cloud providers that best suits their requirements, budget, and existing skill set.

Which provider is best for your compute requirements? Which one is best for Big Data? The answer will vary from company to company depending on your context.

What do we do?

We work with our customers to select the best cloud providers for their particular requirements. Utilising our expert knowledge of the provider's solution we then assist with designing the organisational structure and permission boundaries, authentication integration and virtual private cloud networking and management structure to provide a robust architecture for your cloud computing needs.

We also provide expertise in the setup, configuration, and integration of continuous integration/continuous delivery pipelines to optimise the software delivery and development process with DevOps.

We Build - Cyber Security Teams

We Build - Cyber Security Solutions

Cybersecurity poses the biggest existential threat to businesses yet many businesses continue to manage their cybersecurity on an ad-hoc, reactionary basis.

Build Your Cyber Security Capabilities

Our cybersecurity service offerings assist our customers in building up their cybersecurity capabilities and infrastructure or complement their existing teams.

From security policy development to the establishment of an incident response team and security operation center we can help you build our customers' cybersecurity capabilities.

Managed Cyber Security Service

Alternatively, outsource your cybersecurity operational functions to our managed cybersecurity service. Our 24x7 security operations center will monitor for security incidents, analyze logs and perform pro-active scans of your infrastructure to reduce your cybersecurity risk to acceptable levels.

Virtual CISO Service

Leverage our virtual CISO function which offers businesses access to a pool of experts and experienced cybersecurity practitioners who take on the role of a Chief Information Security Officer in your organisation.

Let our virtual CISO service bring the experience in leadership and skills required to help define, plan and execute a bespoke strategy unique to your organisation.  From cybersecurity governance to regulatory and industry-standard compliance, we can assist.


We Build - Big Data Solutions

We Build - Big Data Solutions

Big data is the new oil as the rise of the Internet giants has demonstrated, but it's not only Internet giants that can leverage data to achieve phenomenal returns and exponential growth.

Big Data for everyone

With the availability of cloud computing and the ease-of-use of big data solutions such as the open-source Hive, Pig projects as well as proprietary cloud solutions such as Google's Big Query. every organisation, no matter your size, can leverage Big Data.

Mine Your Data

Nearly every organisation has "natural resources" lying undiscovered, under-utilized, and, sometimes wasting away, in its environment. Move beyond operational analysis and process efficiency and inventory management to get a clearer picture of your organisation's current and future context.

Data analysis can help you target your customers more effectively but more importantly, it will allow you to better predict what the future might hold, what latent trends are sitting in your data, and provide services to your customers.

Data Engineering

Let our team of data engineering experts architect your data pipeline. Whether it's on-premises, in the cloud, or hybrid we can assist with establishing and maintaining, or just improving, your data pipeline for cost-effectiveness, timeliness, and accuracy.

Whether it's batch or streaming data utilising Hadoop, Spark, Kafaka or Elastic Search, or a cloud-provider solution, from AWS to GCP, we can design, automate and implement the solution that suits you and your data.

Data Analysis

Our data analysts can assist with the definition and analysis of your data. From defining the problem type, developing, training and testing models our machine learning engineers and business experts can add value to your big data processes.

With machine learning,  artificial intelligence, and data visualization tools now available, it is easy for business analysts and managers to gain deep insights into their data that was previously difficult to achieve.

Leverage our team of experts to get the results you are looking for quicker and cost-effectively.