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Software Solution Engineering

We engineer our software solutions using proven best-practice methodologies and technologies. Our development processes leverage the best-of-breed open source solutions to enable the creation of timely, cost-effective solutions. We create secure CI/CD processes on AWS, GCP or on-premise, that delivers secure, robust software solutions

Open Source Software Stacks

We utilise the same platforms and tools that power organisations from the Internet giants to Nasa and the International Space Station. Software development is a constantly evolving landscape of tools and methodologies and our team of experts keeps up-to-date with the latest developments, evaluates the developments for long-term viability and integrates them into our processes.

Java, PHP, Python, JavaScript

Our expertise covers development stacks in Java, PHP, and Python for backend and integration development. Javascript and Android are utilised for front-end application development.

For each project, our architects analyze the functional and non-functional requirements as well as existing infrastructure and skillset to select the best fit-for-purpose libraries and frameworks to use. This ensures a sustainable and effective solution is implemented.

Embedded Development

For embedded development, our stack focuses on C and Python.

The Future Rust? Go?

We are constantly adjusting to changes in the software development space with languages and their supporting ecosystems such as Rust and Go. We develop strategic projects utilising emerging technologies to better assess their claims, understand their strengths and weaknesses, and incorporate them into projects where appropriate.

Let us know what stack you are considering. We are happy to discuss our findings and analyses of developments in the software engineering space.

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