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JavaScript Development Services

JavaScript is the one language that every developer needs to know. From front-end development to back-end solutions JavaScript is present. It's almost impossible for a project, whether written in Java, Python or PHP, to not have some requirement for JavaScript.  With the growth of IoT and web services architecture, it is not uncommon to find entire solutions written in a JavaScript framework.

Back-end JavaScript Development  - Node.js & Node Red

We use Node.js to build scalable network applications and deliver restful APIs for client integration needs. We use Node Red to quickly and efficiently integrate hardware sensors and back-end services to help our customers create real-time IoT solutions. 

Front-End JavaScript Development

There is a plethora of JavaScript front-end frameworks to choose from and although we have a smattering of experience in most of them our preferred frameworks for Front-End JavaScript development are Angular and Vue.

We use Angular on new developments and leverage Vue where we need to customise or add to existing applications that cannot be migrated fully to Angular.

Our current, standard set of tools and stack for our Python software development teams comprises:

Common Tools

  • Source Control
    • Git
  • CI/CD
    • Jenkins
    • Gitlab
    • Github
    • AWS
    • GCP
  • Automated Testing
    • Selenium
    • Robot
  • Security Testing
    • DAST
      • OWASP ZAP
  • Ticketing
    • Jira
    • Github


  • Build Tools
    • Gulp
    • Webpack
  • Testing Frameworks
    • Jest
  • Security Testing
    • npm audit
    • NodeJsScan
    • Retire.js
  • Frameworks
    • Node.js
    • Angular
    • Vue

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