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Linux Engineering is part of our DNA

We offer support for any flavour of Linux from Redhat and Suse to Ubuntu and Debian and embedded Linux distribution. We have been deploying Linux solutions since 2001 & now with the explosive growth of the cloud, Linux is everywhere even on Microsoft Azure.

Intrinsic to the emergence of Cloud Computing, DevOps & Big Data is the open-source methodology and approach to solution engineering. Our years of experience & deep understanding of the open source approach to software design and engineering, means we have the skills to configure, deploy troubleshoot and maintain IT solutions that rely on Linux such as Cloud Computing, DevOps pipelines, and Big Data data flows.

Linux Configuration & Solution Engineering

Should you require assistance with a tricky setup or configuration we can assist. From Ceph Storage to Elasticsearch clusters and high availability configurations, we have the experts to help.

Looking for a secure solution for your distributed workforce or to enable offsite data storage, replication, or disaster recovery? Linux and the open-source ecosystem are like Lego. The components are there, all you need is the imagination and skill to put it together.

Linux Service Level Agreement

For those customers who require guaranteed support, and turn-around times we have service-level agreements. Whether it's a basic support contract covering patching, monitoring server health and performance to ensure uptime and service availability, or more complex requirements for specific solutions and configurations we got an SLA for you.

Looking to reduce your exposure to a limited resource in your IT team? For a retainer, we provide you with the assurance you need that your business-critical systems will continue to function. Reduce your risk to what you can live with.

Linux Troubleshooting

If you have a Linux problem, and your IT guy can't solve it, and if you can find us, then maybe you too can hire the Jumping Bean team!

It usually starts with a frantic phone call and ends with smiles and back-slaps all around. We provide ad-hoc support for difficult-to-solve IT problems. From storage solutions gone rogue to data recovery and system resuscitation. We got the skills to assist you in your difficult times.

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