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Secure CI/CD Pipelines on AWS, GCP or On-Premise

Our software development processes utilise Continous Integration and Continous Delivery (CI/CD) pipelines and a DevOps discipline to deliver secure, on-time and effective software solutions.

Open Source Tooling Powers the Modern Software Lifecycle

There is broad agreement on the most effective and efficient tools to use for the stages of a secure, robust software delivery pipeline. Whether it's AWS, Google Compute Cloud (GCP) or on-premise our teams are experienced in building and using a CI/CD pipeline that leverage the services and tools available.

Our teams ensure that a project's CI/CD pipeline includes code quality,  security checks and auditing at all stages of the development process, from code check-in to authorisation to deployment to production.

AWS, Google Compute Cloud & On-Premise

We ensure that your pipeline leverages the strength of each provider whilst ensuring that provider lock-in is kept to a minimum. We engineer processes that can be easily and rapidly migrated between cloud providers or on-premise. Avoid costly and risky provider lock-in with a carefully designed and implemented DevOps continuous integration and continuous delivery pipeline.

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